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Well, it is not a problem unless you feel like it is a problem.

Oftentimes it is about acceptance.

If you really want to find out you have to tend to self-analyzing.

Self-analyzing is a critical part of getting to know yourself and why you feel certain things that you feel.

My friend has made a video on YT where he actually covers Self-analyzing if you want to somewhat get a better understanding around your issue or generally just yourself as a person.

Search up: Deepest roots How self-analyzing changed my life

Hopefully you find something of worth,

Good luck.

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It isn't wrong some people look in the mirror to much and my opinion is it makes them cocky . Not wanting to look at yourself in the mirror is ok not everybody wants to see them selves, it can make them feel unattractive

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Q: Is it wrong for me to not to want to look in the mirror?
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