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  • If the married woman has no underlying romantic feelings for the man then no, it is not wrong to go for coffee with a male friend; male coworker. The woman knows if she is about to stray from her marriage and is searching for someone to have an affair with and if this is the case then no, she should not go out with another man for coffee. Women know deep down whether they are just going for an innocent coffee with another man or there is another reason she wants to go for coffee with him.
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hell yes!
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Q: Is it wrong for a married woman to ask a man out for coffee?
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Why does a married man ask other woman out for coffee?

because they are attracted to them and want to have an affair

What are the signs a man married to a woman is gay?

There are no signs. You'd have to ask the woman.

If a man says to a woman can i ask you a question what question will the woman normally expect him to ask her?

"Are you married?" or "What are you doing tonight?"

Can a women ask a man to get married?

Yes, she can. Although it is a tradition for a man to ask the woman.

How do you ask a married woman out?

YOU DON'T , it will only cause trouble

How do you tell if a Christian married woman like you?

Ask. But whether or not she likes you a Christian woman would not act on it.

Is it wrong to ask a married man if he feels anything when he kisses you?

noo... but its wrong to get an answer ok so basically your saying it's wrong...?

Why would a single woman ask a married man how's your home life?

We don't know. Ask her why.

Why is it wrong for a man to have a mistress because the law won't let him have a second wife?

Because when you ask a woman to marry you it is because you love her and only her. When you get married you give all your love to that one person only with the promise to be faithful. If you can not do that then you shouldn't be married, or you should not be married and just date different woman. That is unless you could have an open relationship with your partner where you see other people too. I believe that if you have the first woman's permission to date another woman then it shouldn't be wrong. Some women are into threesomes, some aren't. If your current wife is into these things then nothing is wrong, but if she isn't into it or doesn't know about you having a mistress, then shame on you!

Why does a married woman ask you out?

You should be asking her this question and not us. She holds the key. Be careful because she may just want to be friends and go for a drink or a coffee with you or, she could be looking for an extra marital affair. Stay away!

Do woman married the most?

ANSWER:Do they?, not really. But let me explain it to you. The only way woman could be married is if a man, boyfriend ask her. If this don't happen, women will stay single. So do woman married the most? It depends on man, agree?

How can you find out if a woman is married?

She's usually wearing a ring on her ring finger! Ask her.

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