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I don't think it makes a difference one way or the other.

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Q: Is it worst for you to smoke sitting up or laying down?
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How can you skateboard without falling?

use your hands and feet while sitting down or laying down on the board.

How long should you elevate your sprained ankle?

Above your heart if you are laying down and above the belly botton if sitting down

Can you make out with a lesbian naked or is it sex?

If you are in bed it is sex, if you are laying down it is sex it you are sitting NOT ON EACHOTHER it is not sex.

What do you call cattle that sit on the grass?

Cattle that are laying (or sitting) in the grass, or cattle laying down in the pasture.

Why can't cows sit down?

Not usually. They can't sit on their rears like dogs or cats can because they don't have the agility or flexibility in their hind-quarters like dogs or cats do. It's rare to see a bovine, bull or cow, to sit like a cat or dog can, but it has been seen before. On the other hand, "sitting" could mean laying down with front and back feet tucked underneath, and the animal laying partly on its side, more onto one side of its hip. This is called laying down, though, not sitting.

When a cow is laying down do they pee and poop laying down?

it has to go!

When was Laying My Burdens Down created?

Laying My Burdens Down was created in 1970.

Is there a difference in sitting vs laying down with an emergent Cervical Cerclage?

i have done one before and i find more comfort in lying down than sitting at least bdays after doing the stitch( 3-7 days) i highly recommend lying down at least the first few days after the cervical cerclage

What position should a person with shock be placed in?

in a prone position (aka semi-sitting position)

Something that you do sitting down?

your moving when your sitting down

Why would my head back and hips hurt only when I'm laying down?

Fibromyalgia could be the reason why the head, back and hips hurt when laying down. Fibromyalgia is a condition in which an individual suffers from long term pain and aches throughout the body.

Does it matter for a Xbox 360 to be stand up or lied down?

laying it down is better for the disc drive and the coolingintake but standing it may cause disc scratching and better side cooling, yet the intake is sitting on the ground