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no no no no no, that's not true at all. girls don't stop growing till 16, and some till 18, or 19.

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Q: Is it true that girls stop growing after their first period?
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Do girls stop growing after they have their period?

sometimes yes

When will I stop growing?

Guys are usually done growing around ages 14-16. Girls are usually done growing two years after starting their period.

When do girls braest stop growing?

21 years old is when your body stop growing.

Can you still get taller after you start your periods?

About two years after your first period is when you stop growing.

Do your breast stop growing when you get your period?


How old do girls stop growing at?

Most young Women stop growing at the age of 17-18 years.

How long after a start your period will you stop growing?

We grow until we are 21 years old, but it can stop earlier then that, but some people stop growing a lot earlier but that's probably not your case. Sometimes we stop growing after two years after you get your period.

What age does a girls goons stop growing?

It depends. usually, when you start to grow pubic hair, that is about the same time breasts(or goons, how you say it) grow. when do they stop? probably when you finish your period. relax, don't freak out. it's a cycle of life. the depends when you first get your period and when it ends. anyways, hope I satisfied you with this answer.

When girls stop growing in height?

any where from 13 to 17

Do you still grow after your growth spurt?

Yes. Girls stop growing at around 18 and boys stop growing around 20.

When will a 15 year old boy stop growing?

Boys tend to take longer to finish growing then girls. Boys typically do not stop growing until their early twenties.

When does a girls growth stop?

about 2 yearb after there period