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I don't know about supposed to be as much as you might mean it can be. If it's a new girlfriend or if there was a recent situation that makes things awkward, then it can be awkward.

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Q: Is it supposed to be awkward to talk to your girlfriend?
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What do boys think of there first girlfriend?

That its awkward to talk to them unless they talk a lot and smile. There's some advice

Is it awkward to talk about your first kiss with your girlfriend to your girlfriend?

No! It's awesome! Just be sure you don't do it too soon after your first kiss. But after a few weeks, talk away! It's so much fun!

What if it's awkward for you and your girlfriend to talk in person but when you text with her you're both more comfortable Is there a way to improve this Has technology made me socially awkward.?

no its not the technology you're just going through a stage. talk to he more in person every chance you get and it will become easier.

How can you end an awkward silence?


Why can you not talk to your girlfriend about your thoughts?

You may feel awkward about opening up to her. You should just try and if she's understanding then you should start to feel more comfortable about opening up to her.

What do you ask your boyfriend when you get to an awkward moment?

Ask him what's on his mind or think of something to talk about. You could also talk about the cause of the awkward moment.

Your new girlfriend and you run out of things to talk about a lot you talk almost everyday and it gets awkward after a while Any tips We are in highschool btw?

You should start doing things together and that will give you more to talk. You'll also start enjoying each other more.

How can you talk to a guy who you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward?

To talk to a guy that you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward, just talk to him. Talk about things that both of you think about, and make sure that you are honest.

How can a socially awkward teenager get a girlfriend?

Smile. Let your personality shine!!

What was the name of Quagmire's girlfriend with the awkward leg?

She wasn't given a name.

What do you do if you have a girlfriend that only will talk to you if you embarrass yourself?

Dump. Get a girlfriend who will always talk to you.

What is your most awkward moment?

i was with my friend and his girlfriend at a department store, killing some time. my girlfriend walked in as my friend was helping his girlfriend pick out undies. my friend thought it would be funny to walk away and leave me there looking like i was cheating. my girlfriend saw it, confronted me and i was speechless because i did not know what was going on. she dumped was horrible. she wont even talk to me anymore. haha.