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If you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then you are cheating on both of them.

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2011-07-22 06:06:21
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Q: Is it still considered cheating if you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend?
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What to do if you caught your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating?

dump him/her because how can u still trust him/her

Is flirting with someone else other than your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating?

no, its not, but it still bad and don't do it

What if you're cheating on your boyfriend with your boyfriend?

It's still cheating and you're still a slut

What does it mean when you dream that you are cheating on your boyfriend with an old crush?

You still have feelings for your old boyfriend.

Is it considered cheating if the spouses know about the affair?

If you are strictly dating one boyfriend or are married and you or both of you have cheated and been honest about it, it's still in the category of cheating. Learn from it! Cheating gets you nowhere, but a bad reputation. Marcy

If you love your boyfriend but still like your ex is it cheating?

Any time you are fisically with someone(male or female)other than your boyfriend it is cheating!!!!

What if your boyfriend cheats on you with women in other countries?

it's still cheating.

Boyfriend has dreams of his ex girlfriend?

still has feelings for her

If you have a boyfriend and your old boyfriend has a girlfriend how do you know if he still loves you?

you can't unless you ask him

How do you know if you and your boyfriend should keep going out?

if you still like him and if he's not cheating on you.

Are Miley and Joe still girlfriend and boyfriend?

No they never were together

I cheating on my boyfriend with his brother what should i do?

If you were or still are cheating on your boyfriend especially with his are doing him wrong so you need to break up with him... And if you dont feel obvioulsy dont have true feelings for your boyfriend anyways...

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