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If you decide you no longer want the piercing that is fine. Never remove a piercing till it has fully healed. The Tonga is a muscle and requires adequate healing time do not remove for 3 to 6 months. It will try to heal as soon as you remove it, as well as cause major infection if you take it in and out. It is an open wound and the mouth is a dirty place...

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Q: Is it safe to take out a tongue piercing for good after the first day?
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Is listerine safe to use for a tongue piercing i was told to use it by my piercer?

If he said it was good to use I guess it is. This was a professional piercing wasn't it? If it wasn't call a shop and ask them what to use.

Is it safe to pierce your tongue while pregnant?

Sure go for it. Just take good care of the piercing and make sure it doesn't get infected. If you see any signs of infection remove the piercing immediately.

Is it safe to have your nose tongue and bottom lip pierced?

as long as you look after every individual piercing, of course it's safe

When is it safe to take out your tongue piercing?

whenever you would like, as long as it isn't infected. removing the jewelry in any infectd piercing can cause an abscess (when the entry and exit closes off first, the infection will be trapped.

Can you get your tongue pierced with geographic tongue?

It is generally not recommended to get a tongue piercing with a geographic tongue, as it may increase the risk of complications such as infection and irritation. It is best to consult with a professional piercer or healthcare provider for personalized advice on whether or not it is safe to proceed with the piercing.

Is it safe to get a nose and tongue piercing at the same time?

The maximum number of piercings that would be considered safe at any one sitting is 3. Even though piercing is relatively safe when in a controlled environment of a professional body piercing studio, there is a limit to what the body will cope with. Any invasive procedure will tax the bodies ability to cope with the stress of piercing. So getting a tongue piercing and a nostril piercing won't be too bad, however be sure you have a good meal ( actual food, not junk food and candy ) at least 1 hour before you get the piercing done. This will allow your body to maintain it's normal blood sugar levels and allow you to cope with the piercing experience.

Will food enter your piercing if you remove your tongue ring?

Generally the tongue will prevent that from happening however it's still wise to rinse with a good mouth wash after you have removed the barbell and consumed anything, just to be on the safe side.

How do you know if its safe to pierce your tongue i know that if you have veins in a certain place they cannot do it. How do you know if you have those veins?

Go consult a piercer. It's best to go to one with lots of experience with tongue piercings and good reviews. They can take a look at y our tongue and tell you if a tongue piercing would be suitable.

Is it safe to get tongue pericings?

If you go to a professional body piercer and listen and follow the instructions and guidance you are given the piercing should be no problem. If you have issues with following instructions and maintaining good oral hygiene then maybe a tongue piercing isn't for you. All piercings carry some risk but following the instructions provided by a professional body piercer should allow you to enjoy the piercing without the concern.

Can you use nail glue to stick an earringl on your tongue?

actually yes you can, just make sure it NON TOXIC cause if its no it will burn your tongue a lot and when you want to take the piercing off you don't pull it you twist i slowly so you don't rip your sick off! but have fun tricking your friends with your tongue piercing. All you need to make a fake tongue piercing is-tissue to dry your tongue and beads and nail glue don't put lots just a dot of glue!

Is it safe to remove a new tongue piercing?

Yes. But you should keep cleaning it like if you still have it on until it heals. with or without piercing. i just took my nipple piercing out cos it was bleeding i had it done 4 days ago.

Can a tongue be too short to get a tongue piercing?

For a properly placed tongue piercing the tongue should be able to extend past the lower teeth by at least 3/4 to 1 inch. Piercing a tongue that can be extended can lead to sever dental damage and gun erosion so having something to pierce is always a safer and smarter way to go. Please be sure to leave tongue piercing to trained and experienced professional body piercers. Placement and prepiercing hygiene is critical to ensuring a safe tongue piercing.