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unprotected sex is never safe no matter what time of birth control as pregnancy is always a possibility as is sexually transmitted diseases

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Q: Is it safe to have unprotected sex while on green week of birth control?
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Can a girl get pregnant if she is on birth control and having unprotected sex?

Yes. While birth control is highly successful in preventing pregnancy, it is not a guarentee and pregnancy can occur.

How long until you are able to have unprotected sex while on birth control?

you shouldn't at all. but you can actually take your chances and have unprotected sec. It matters what birth control you are on. I know a friend that got pregnant on the pill and a friend that got pregnant on the patch. 7-10 days

Can you get pregnant while on birth control if a day before your period your boyfriend and you have unprotected sex?

Birth control is ony 92-99% accurate... so yes it is a slight possibility as nothing is ever 100% ... Mother of 4, while on birth control I conceived 2.. JUST FYI

What is the chance of getting pregnant while on birth control with unprotected sex?

Very slim to none. Birth Control pills are very reliable. They are tested for several months before they are available to the public.

Will birth control work while taking sulfameth or bactrim?

Yes.. depends on certain antibiotics, and tbe timing of unprotected sex.

Does drinking while on birth control while harm you?

Drinking on birth control will not harm you.

Had unprotected sex one time and on birth control for week boyfriend is clean but ejaculated during sex?

Its a possibility... are you but not likely, was it a full ejaculation while he was in you.. or was he trying to pull out?

Is birth control ineffective while taking metronidazole?

Can birth control be ineffective while taking metronidazole?

My boyfriend came inside of me today unprotected and I haven't taken my birth control in almost a month - Could i be pregnant?

Yes there is a high chance that you can be pregnant. When missing pills while on birth control can cause pregnancy, a month without birth controls will not protect you from pregnancy at all. A pregnancy test should be taken.

Can you take sexual supplements while on birth control?

yes, this will not affect your birth control

What if you dont get your period while on birth control?

Which birth control plays a major part of this answer.

Can you still get pregnant while on birth control?

Yes, no Birth Control is 100% affective.

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