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After your ovulation takes place, you'll need to wait at least 10 days to take a pregnancy test and, hopefully, get positive results. Good luck!

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Q: Is it possible to be positive on a ovulation test and a week later get a positive pregnancy test?
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Can a pregnancy test say positive then an hour later say positive?

Yes. It is very possible. :)

How do you know that the sperm has reach the egg during ovulation?

A positive pregnancy test, or you will deliver a child approx 9 months later!

Is it possible to have a negative pregnancy test but later to become positive?

Yes, it all depends on the HcG levels.

Had a d and c now have a positive pregnancy test 2 months later am I pregnant?

It's possible but I would check with your Dr as soon as possible.

Is it possible to conceive eventhough the fertility chart says you were not fertile or ovulating at the time?

If the question is, "Is it possible to conceive without ovulating?" then the answer is no. However, if the question is, "Is it possible to miss the subtle signs of ovulation and fertility even when charting one's cycle?" then the answer is certainly yes. If you are wondering about pregnancy, take a home pregnancy test. (Most home pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone two weeks after ovulation, or on the first day of your missed period.) If it is negative and you still haven't gotten your period a week later, repeat the test. If the either test is positive, or if the second test is negative but you still haven't gotten your period, contact your healthcare provider.

What is the meaning of Trilaminar endometrium?

Three layered endometrium during pregnancy. Over the course of the menstrual cycle, the uterine lining, or endometrium, thickens (in preparation for pregnancy) and thins (your period). When the endometrium is viewed on ultrasound, a trilaminar shape usually means you are in the later half of your cycle - around or after ovulation - and your lining is thickened as it should be. Early in your cycle, after your period and before ovulation, the lining is thin. The lining thickens as it prepares for ovulation and possible pregnancy.

You had a positive pregnancy test a couple days later had a heavy period?

If you had a positive pregnancy test then had a heavy period a couple days later, you may have had a miscarriage. If this happens, you should consult a doctor.

What does it mean when there is a positive ovulation test and then 2 days later there is bleeding?

its a sign of being pregnate don't freak

Can you test positive with home pregnancy test and actually conceive 3 weeks later?


Why negative pregnancy test then it was positive?

No pregnancy test is 100% accurate. Sometimes the result is wrong, and that is shown by a subsequent test, or by later events. Depending on how much time elapses, it is also possible for a woman to become pregnant between taking the first (negative) test and the second (positive) test.

What happens to the endometrium in a pregnancy?

The endometrium is a special type of tissue that usually lines the inner walls of a womans uterus. During ovulation, it fills with blood so pregnancy can be possible. During early pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants itself there. A little later, a placenta grows there. The endometrium nourishes the placenta and the fetus which the placenta protects.

Positive pregnancy result 5 days later bleeding and negative result week later yolk like mucus could you be ovulating again so soon?

You need to confirm the positive pregnancy test result with your Doctor. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Pregnancy does cause a increase in vaginal discharge.

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