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Yes, the most safe days are her first day of bleeding and after that you can get pregnant. A orgasm can make you start to ovulate again.

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2011-06-22 12:54:58
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Q: Is it possible that a woman can get pregnant after menstraution?
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Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

If we make sexual intercourse with woman inher menstraution period it harmfull for our bodyy?


Can a woman get pregnant when the man and woman have fixed?

No; it would not be possible.

Is it possible to get a three month pregnant woman pregnant through intercouse?

No, she is already pregnant.

Has a woman ever got pregnant by dog?

No, it is not possible.

Can you be pregnant at 49 years old?

It is rare for a woman to become pregnant at 49 but it possible. If a woman is still releasing eggs and having intercourse, she can become pregnant. Generally after menopause a female won't get pregnant but it's possible.

Is it possible to be pregnant 13 years after avasectomy?

No. If you have a vasectomy, you are a man. It might be possible, but very unlikely, that you could get a woman pregnant.

Is it possible for a woman to see her period and still pregnant?

No, clearly it's not possible for a woman to menstruate while pregnant.Menstruation is the process of the uterus lining shedding as a result of a woman not falling pregnant. A woman can bleed during pregnancy but she will not menstruate.

Can a woman get pregnant after the woman has a tubulation?

yes it is possible... but it can grow in your tubes very dangerous for you

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to be infected with HIV and the father of her baby will not be infected?

Yes; that is possible.

Is possible to get pregnant if a man nut inside a woman and the woman go to the bathroom the next day?

It is definitely possible to get pregnant that way. A woman going to the bathroom has no effect on whether or not she will get pregnant. A woman urinating after intercourse can reduce her rates of getting a urinary tract infection, but it has no effect on pregnancy.

Can a woman get pregnant miscarry without knowing it and get pregnant again without knowing it?

Yes, it is possible.

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