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Q: Is it possible not to feel ani emotions when making love?
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What can a machine not do?

Love and feel emotions

What can machine not do?

Love and feel emotions

Is it possible to love and not have any emotions?

Love is an emotion...

How does the mandarin fish gets in love?

Fish do not feel emotions such as love.

What are computer's limits?

Love, Emotions and Decision making these are the limits of a computer.

How does love cause happiness?

love makes a person feel good inside which cause happy emotions

What muscle allows us to feel emotions?

No muscle allows us to feel emotions. The brain allows us to feel emotions by releasing certain hormones. The brain is an organ, not a muscle. The effects of these emotional feelings can affect the behaviour of the heart (which is a muscular organ, NOT a muscle). For example if you are in love, the heart will beat faster. This is where the misconception that the heart causes feelings of love comes from. The feelings of love, and other emotions, actually come from the brain.

What type of emotions a person may feel if they are receiving personal care?

The emotion is that of love. Care is associated with love.

How does Edward feel when Bella was burning?

He has mixed emotions. Rage, Love, Crazed, vampirific...

What makes you feel at a positive emotions?

Happiness and love make you feel positive. They make you cheer up and enjoy life.

How do you make a boy love you if he is not?

You cannot make a boy love you. You cannot force anyone to feel something that they don't. I know it is hard on you and your emotions but if he doesn't love you than he doesn't. You do not want to guilt trip him into thinking that he loves you when he really doesn't. This can cause problems for your relationship and can make him feel angry towards you when he realizes that you have just manipulated him into making him feel that he loves you when he really doesn't.

Why can't robots feel love?

Robots aren't living so they can't feel human emotions like love, hate, warm, cold, sad, happy, etc..