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It is very rare, but women can menstruate during pregnancy. It is right at the onset of a pregnancy and usually coincides with the woman being very close to her normal cycle.

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Q: Is it possible for you to have a full menstruation during a pregnancy?
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Can a female human get pregnant during menstruation?

yes, and she'll carry full term and have a littler.

Are olives good during pregnancy?

Yes, they are full of vitamins.

When do you change your pad?

During menstruation you would change your pad once it has been full with blood or everytime you have to use the bathroom.

Is it safe to eat melon during pregnancy?

Yes. Melon's a great thing to eat during pregnancy because it's full of water and so will keep you hydrated

Is doing jumping jacks okay during pregnancy?

yes but be care-full not to do it to hard

Is it possible to be pregnant with 9 babies?

Sure, with an 'in vitro' pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that they will all go full term.

Is it possible to have a full term pregnancy while your tubes are tied?

Is it easy to miss carrier after your tubes been tied

Can you have your period during the first month of pregnanct but your not on the pill?

it is possible some people do have full cycles during their first month of pregnancy most of the time its just spotting though....take a test to be sure the dollar store has them for a dollar if your short on cash.

Can you lose a fetus anytime during pregnancy?

Unfortunately yes. But the closer you are to full term the harder it is to have a miscarriage.

What statement is true about lunar phases?

It is possible to have two full moons during January, but not during February.

During which phase of the moon is it possible to experience a lunar eclipse?

A full moon.

Is it possible for pregnancy to take place within two days?

Full pregnancy takes nine months in people, but can begin on the same day as having sex when the sperm penetrates the egg.

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