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Q: Is it possible for a gay to make a girl pregnant?
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Can a gay make pergnent to a girl?

Yes, that is quite possible.

Can a passive gay make a girl pregnant?

Whether you are a gay, straight or bisexual male you can get a woman pregnant if you ejaculate inside her or she gets your sperm inside her any other way.

Can being gay make you pregnant?

No. There is zero possibility of pregnancy in gay-only sex.

Can a gay make woman pregnant?

Yes, a gay man can impregnate a woman because a gay man is still a MAN

Why would a gay guy make out with a girl?

A gay guy would make out with a girl if he were attempting to hide the fact that he is gay when faced with peer pressure. He may make out with a girl as a way of testing himself to make certain that he is not sexually stimulated and therefore makes the final conclusion that he is gay. He may do it as a challenge from either a straight or gay buddy. He may do it because he is bisexual. He may do it just to see if he can, therefore assuring himself that he can, if he wanted to, compete with his straight buddies as a real man. He may do it because he feels that he may get used to it and like it hoping that he can make himself straight. A gay guy might make out with a girl because he has not come out of the closet and everyone he knows percieves him to be in a relationship with the girl.He fears that if he does not make out at least a couple of times, then the girl will complain to her friends and then he will be "found out". There are many gay men who have intercourse with a woman for the same reasons and some even go as far as having a getting the girl pregnant and convincing her to have the baby. The reasons for this are even more complex. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender makes for a very difficult, confusing, complicated and often very lonely life. Therefore it is also possible, (but less likely that the other reasons) that he is really in love with the girl and although not sexually stimulated, he is able, with one certain girl, to show his "love" in a heterosexual manner. But sufice it to say that most gay guys never have, never will and don't have any desire to make out with a girl. == == homosexuality is WRONG!!

How do you get a gay girl?

Be another gay girl that that gay girl wants to get with

Is it possible for a girl to have a guy turn gay?

No. No straight person can turn gay. Ever. It's simply not possible to change sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly at birth.If a girl has a partner come out as gay, it simply means he was closeted and finally felt safe enough to be true to himself.

Is it possible to like a girl and stand near her but be too nervous to stand next to her?

yes very possible it is also possible to stand next to a guy (if you are a girl or gay) and be too nervouse to talk to him

Do gay guys get pregnant?

Men cannot get pregnant, regardless of whether they are straight or gay.

How i get a boyfriend?

if your a guy make sure he's gay if girl be prettier

What will happen if a gay kiss a girl?

It certainly will make news headlines!

What were the three strikes that Jackie Robinson had against him as he grew up?

Because of racism and because his father left them at an early age