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With her parents permission, yes.

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2010-02-09 20:50:35
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Q: Is it possible for a 17 year old to marry a 22 year old in Ohio if the 17 year old already has a child?
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Where did Annie Oakley Marry?

in Ohio

Can a 17 yr old female marry her 20 yr old boyfriend if they have a child together and have parental consent in the state of Ohio?


What is the state nearest to Ohio where a same-sex couple can marry?

As of June 26, 2015, same-sex couples may marry in Ohio.

Is it possible fr a 22 year old male to marry a 17 year old mother in Ohio?

With parental permission or a court order, yes.

Where is it legal to marry as lesbians in Ohio?

Same-sex couples may legally marry in any county in Ohio effective June 26, 2015.

Can 3rd cousins get married in Ohio?

Third cousins can marry anywhere in the US, including Ohio.

Can a child in Ohio choose who they live with?

A child in Ohio can choose who they live with depending on the maturity of the child. A judge usually decides what's best for the child and rules on that.

Where in Ohio did Annie Oakley marry Frank E. Butler?

They were married in Connecticut, Hamilton, Co., Ohio

Does child support change if you have another child in Ohio with new spouse?

It is one of the possible consideration in a Rebuttable Presumption, but so is "household" incomes. Sections §3119.03, §3119.22, and §3119.23 see links

What does Ohio's motto mean?

Ohio's motto, "With God, All Things are Possible" means that when God is with them, anything is possible.

Can you marry a first cousin in new jersey?

Yes, you can marry a first cousin in New Jersey. You can't marry a first cousin in Ohio or Texas.

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