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Sometimes it can take hcg two weeks or more to get back to zero, so if you have hcg above 5, two weeks after cytotec, then you may get a positive hpt but not actually be pregnant.

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Q: Is it possable to abort a pregnancy using cytotec and two weeks later take a pregnancy test and it reads pregnant?
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What is the chance that zitotec 200 can abort 90 days of pregnancy?

Cytotec, also known generically as Misoprostol has been proven to be 90% effective in aborting pregnancy within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Is it possible to terminate the 9 days pregnancy if you will take a contraceptive pill every hour?

No. If you have a confirmed pregnancy the contraceptive pill will not make you abort. Only Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol will. Or Cytotec.

Does stametta remove pregnancy?

No and it is not tested on pregnant women. These products usually are not. That does not mean they can make you abort.

Bukod sa cytotec ano pang gamot puwede pang abort?


Can you still be pregnant after taking 5 birth control pills?

Birth control pills wont make you abort. if you are pregnant you can take Plan B 1-5 days after sex to prevent the pregnancy and if you are pregnant and want to abort you have to go to a doctor.

Is amoxicilin can abort baby?

No, amoxicillin is safe to use during pregnancy and does not abort a pregnancy.

How many cytotec can you can to abort at 17 weeks?

None. Past 9 weeks it has to be done by surgery.

Can a cortal medicine abort pregnancy within 8 weeks?

Cortal will not abort a pregnancy. This rumor is an urban myth.

Can cortal can abort 3 weeks pregnancy?

No Aspirin can not make you abort.

What will happen if you are possibly pregnant and get the Mirena inserted?

It will usually abort the fetus. Take a pregnancy test from the store and/or your doctor to be sure. S

Can provera abort a 2mos pregnant?

Depo-Provera is not used as an abortifactant, but if given to a woman who is pregnant, it can cause miscarriage. That is why a doctor will make you take a pregnancy test before they will prescribe it to you.

Can you abort 4wks pregnancy?

Yes you can.