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Q: Is it painful when a girls cherry pops?
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Does a girl bleed when a guy pops a girls cherry?

Yes. And she's in MUCH pain.

IF a girls cherry pops will it cause a change in her cycle?

Girls do not have cherries, a cherry is a type of fruit not a part of female anatomy, and nothing pops. A girls menstrual cycle will only be changed by hormonal changes in the body, things such as ill-health or stress can also impact on the cycle by delaying or causing her to skip ovulation.

What happens after your cherry pops?

its a myth

What is the first flavor of Tootsie Pops?

cherry was the first flavor of tootsie pops.

Does it hurt when a girl pops her cherry?

Yes, it sometimes does.

Can you keep going even after the guy pops your cherry?

no you will die

Why does a girl cherry pop?

It is breaking the hymen causing it to bleed, your not popping anything, your breaking through so the penis can get further, its painful for some people depending the size of the penis.

Can girls pop a girls cherry?

A girl's "cherry is popped" when she has sex with a man for the first time.

What are the release dates for Upwave Eat - 2013 Cherry Tomato Pesto Pops - 1.43?

Upwave Eat - 2013 Cherry Tomato Pesto Pops - 1.43 was released on: USA: 2 August 2013

What does a girls cherry look like?

Girls do not have a cherry, a cherry is a type of fruit not a part of a girls anatomy. If you want to know about a certain part of the female anatomy first learn to what the anatomy is called.

What is your cherry and how does it pop?

The "Cherry" is in a womans vagina and can only be popped if she still has her virginity, and after she looses it to you, her "cherry pops" -x-x-x- I have heard it used the other way around

Can girls do peck pops?

No girls cannot do 'Peck Pops' as they have breasts, boys/men can only perform this if their upper body is toned/built.