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Its so ok that its normal.

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Yes, it is normal to yearn for someone you care about. It's a natural human emotion to desire connection and closeness with others. However, it's important to also prioritize your own well-being and boundaries in any relationship.

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Q: Is it okay to yearn for someone?
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A sentence using the word yearn?

I yearn to see my childhood home; I have not been back there in many years and I miss it. (To yearn is to have a deep longing, to really miss something or someone.)

What is the meaning of yearn?

of Yearn

How can you put the word yearn in a sentence?

How I yearn to find an answer to this question (search google for "How I yearn")

What is the Hebrew word for yearn?

yearn = hitga'age'a (התגעגע)

What word means missing someone?

Another word that means missing someone is pining. The word pining means to deeply yearn for or to suffer with longing for someone.

How can you use yearn in a sentence?

I yearn for ice cram spilt

Is yearn a verb?

Yes, "to yearn" is a verb because it is an action.

What is yearn in tagalog?

"Yearn" in Tagalog can be translated as "hangarin" or "pagnanasa."

Which word means yearn for something?

To pine means yearn for something.

How do you use the word yearn a sentence?

Many immigrants merely yearn to breathe free. The wool shopper said she should yearn for sturdier yarn.

What is the past tense of yearn?

The past tense of "yearn" is "yearned."

What does yearnful mean?

having an intense feeling of lacking or longing having an intense feeling of lacking or longing To want