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No. I wouldn't if i were you.

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Q: Is it okay to wear a polo with an overshirt?
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Does Cameroon have a national outfit?

Women wear a wrapped fabric called a pagne. Men in the north wear an outfit called a boubou with an undershirt and an overshirt. They also wear a hat that matches the shirt. In the south they wear pants with an overshirt and matching hat. The cloth is made of cotton with geometric patterns.

Is it okay for men to wear pink polo shirts?

Men can wear whatever color they choose to wear. Colors are for everyone in the world not just one gender. Its actually said pretty commonly that 'real men wear pink.'

What shirt does Troy Landry wear?


What clothes do they wear in mauritania?

polo shirt

What is Nialls favorite thing to wear?

polo shirt

What style of clothes do Cubans wear?

Cubans wear Polo shirts. In cuba Polo costs a-lot of money! Trust me this is coming from a real cuban! Hope i helped!

What do you wear with a polo shirt on top not jeans shorts etc?

When I wear my dark green polo shirt I like to wear my purple jean shorts and my gogo boots. I also wear a sun-bonnet and carry my umbrella. Tres Chic.

Is US polo club and Beverly Hills polo club the same?

Beverly Hills Polo Club and U.S. Polo ASSN are similar because they are not made by Ralph Lauren. They are cheap imitations.Do not wear it. People will talk about you. Compare the products. The one you would rather wear will become very obvious. Beverly Hills Polo Club is owned by U.S. Polo ASSN .

What costumes do dancers wear in subli?

For Girls- They Wear FilipiñaFor Boys- They Wear Polo shirt and Pants

Can men wear women jeans?

i think it is okay if the size is okay ,,,

What were some clothing that children wear during the middle ages?

Poor children worn and overshirt and no shoes. Rich children dressed just like the adults but in outfits made to fit children and they had leather shoes.

Is it okay to wear diapers as a teen?

yes It is okay for a teen to wear them just treat them like a baby would be treated .