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Yes, you can take the pill a few hours early. Early is not a problem; late is a problem.

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Q: Is it okay to take your birth control pill a few hours early?
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Is it okay to take the sugar pills of your birth control a week early?


Is it okay to take your birth control pill 30 minutes early?

Yes. No problem.

Is it okay to take Yaz birth control early?

Yes. Birth control pills are not time sensitive. As long as you take them everyday you are fine.

You started birth control a day too early what do you do?

Check with your doctor. Should be okay, just this once.

You use protection and take birth control but not at the same time everyday within 2-4 hours Is this okay?

No it is not okay. If birth control pills are not taken everyday at the same time, you will increase your chances of pregnancy. The only way for birth control to be 99.9% effective you must take your birth control everyday at the same time. If you find it difficult remembering to take your birth control as directed, you should speak to your physician about trying a different method of birth control, such as an IUD, or the Depo Vera shot. In the meanwhile find a time that is convenient for you to take your pill. Try taking your birth control everyday at 7 AM for example.

Is it okay to miss a period completely while on birth control?

yes, its completely normal.....some women use birth control for this reason

Is it okay to be on birth control and take a diet pill?

yes it is perfectly fine

Is it okay for a mother to get daughter birth control without fathers knowledge?


What is the earliest age that taking birth control would be considered okay?

In theory, anytime after menstruation has begun.

Is it okay to take breaks from birth control?

Only if you're also taking a break from having sex.

Is Obama forcing women to take birth control?

No, he wants to make sure women have the choice to take birth control if they so choose and have it covered by health insurance. It seems that it is okay to pay for having more babies, i.e. Viagra, but not okay to pay to not have babies.

Is it normal to get your period early when taking birth control?

You know, I actually had this happen to me and the answer is yes! The reason why you might have started early could be stress in your life, or a change in hormones. It has happened to me and it was okay. However, if your period continues to be all over the place, then please speak to your gynecologist!

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