Is it okay to slouch

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Of COURSE it is, sitting up straight is bad for your health.reclining is the healthiest posture.

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Q: Is it okay to slouch
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Can a guy wear women's slouch socks?

well... if their pink and frilly then its perfectly okay but if their not... that's just a bit CREEPY.

How do you spell slouch?

Slouch is the correct spelling.

What is a sentence for the word slouch?

His brother called him a slouch for not helping with the yard cleaning. Students should not slouch against the walls. The gangster's characteristic slouch disguised the machine gun under his coat.

Does slouch mean weaken?

No. Slouch means- a drooping movement or appearance.

What is a sentence using slouch?

Julie loves to slouch in her chair. Or, John is a big slouch he just sits around all day and does nothing

How do you use the slouch in a sentence?

During the weekend Holiday most of people slouch on their bed

What to slouch or droop?


What is to slouch or droop?


What actors and actresses appeared in Slouch - 2011?

The cast of Slouch - 2011 includes: Olly Reed

Can you get a sentence with word slouch?

I was always taught not to slouch when I walked; I was told to always stand up straight.

Who invented the slouch hat?

It was invented by Simpson

What words that have ouch?

couch slouch pouch