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Its not the chlorine that you have to worry about. Pools, lakes, oceans, hot tubs, and any other body of water are filthy. All of that bacteria is terrible for a new piercing so you'll have to wait at least 2-3 months or risk infection.

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Q: Is it okay to go in chlorine after getting belly pierced?
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Is it okay to get your belly button pierced in the summer someone told me you can't go in chlorine for 6 weeks?

It is okay to get your belly button pierced in the summer and yes they are right you can't go in chlorine for six weeks or more depending on how your body reacts to the piercing its self. You dont want to risk infection trust me i know what i am talking about

How old do you need to be to get your belly pierced?

any age, you just need to have a parent with you saying its okay.

Is it okay to tan with your belly freshly pierced?

Yes but keep tanning oil or tanning lotion away from the piercing.

Is it okay to get your belly button pierced the second time?

Sure just make sure you don't do what ever you did last time that caused you grief.

Is it okay to change your lip ring 14 days after piercing your lip?

Yes it is okay, 14 days after gettin it pierced... it should be okay one week after getting it done.

Why do fat girls think its ok to get there belly buttons pierced?

Fat girls thinks its ok to get there belly buttons pierced bc they think they are as skinny as us if your fat dont get ur belly button pierced common sence♥ lovin da skinny girls

Is it okay for a new pierced belly ring to loosen up?

Yes It's an indication that the piercing is healing, just stay on top of your aftercare and you will end up with a great piercing.

Can I do cheer with a belly button piercing?

You might want to check with your coach or cheer captain first to be sure you won't be breaking any rules by getting it pierced. If it's okay for you to do, it would be best to wait to get a belly button piercing until the off-season so that it has plenty of time to heal before attempting any cheer stunts, base or not.

How do you convince your mother that having your nose pierced at 13 is okay?

Getting your nose pierce is okay as long your parents agree. Someone in my little sister's school is 11 and she got it.

Is it okay to shower with a just pierced lip?

Yes, very okay.

Is it okay to put grease on a newly pierced belly button?

Why would you put grease on it? Its a bad idea because it doesnt let the piercing breathe at all. So don't put any grease on it.

Is the right ear okay to get pierced for a girl?

Typically, girls get both sides pierced. So yes.