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I believe it is normal to bleed for a few days after having intercourse for the first time, although if it bleeds for more than just a few days, I would go see a gynecologist, also this probably means that your first time was a little too rough. Try to take it easy your next few times, and use protection with enough lubrication as intercourse without enough lubrication can cause irritation and bleeding (yes, the vagina is a self-lubricating organ but when you put extra friction like a condom, you still probably want more lubrication).

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Q: Is it okay to bleed for a few days after having inercourse for the first time?
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After having a period for 8 days. can another starts in 5 more days?

i'm not a doctor,, but if you are spotting or having a slight bleed on day 13, it might be ovulation bleed.

What does it mean when you bleed for 7 days?

Nothing. You are just having a period.

What does it mean when you bleed heavy for 7 days?

Nothing. You are just having a period.

If are having your first period is it normal to have excessive bleeding?

What do you call excessive bleeding? You may bleed quite heavily for a couple of days but if it doesn't get slower and lighter after four days, see a doctor.

Is it normal to bleed for two days when your cherry pops?

Sometimes having sex starts your period

Are you supposed to bleed for a few days after your first time?

no you already pregnant lol

How do you figure out your length of a cycle?

You count from the first day of your bleed until you bleed again, this is generally between 21-28 days :)

What does it mean if you have 5 days brown spotting then in a six days you are having a heavy blood?

A heavy bleed sounds like a miscarriage. See your doctor.

After your first time can you bleed two days later and be pregnante?

If the question is, "is it possible..." the answer is yes.

Why would you bleed for two days after having rough sex if you are not a virgin and your period is not due for six days?

== == You might have torn something. Next time take it easy.

Can a girl be on her period but not bleed?

No I am pretty sure you always bleed or else doctors wouldn't know if you were having it. ___ I don't know how common it is, but my cycle works that way... I bleed for a couple of days, then have a day where I am not bleeding, and then start bleeding again for a day. So I think the answer is yes.

How many days do you spot when your cherrys popped?

You should not bleed for very long. Some bleed for an hour, some for a few days, and some people don't bleed at all.