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Its not at all dangerous OR weird to do so. We're naturally curious. Nothing wrong with that.

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Q: Is it okay for not pregnant women to drink milk intended for pregnant?
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What should Pregnant woman drink?

Pregnant women should drink a lot of milk. Milk is good for your bones and provides you with calcium. Milk is also a very healthy choice for your baby.

Why should pregnant women drink milk?

So that there bones are stronger , to suport the weight of the baby.

Why a pregnant women should drink plenty of milk?

To have enough calcium for bone development of baby . your answer here...

Is it good to drink milk while pregnant?

Yes. It is good to drink milk while you are pregnant. Milk contains first class proteins, good for your baby.

Do a women have milk in her brust with out being pregnant?

all women have milk buds in there breast but dont start producing milk until pregnant.

Is sterilized milk safe for pregnant women?

Yes. It is safe for pregnant women.

Can you drink sterilized milk why pregnant?

Yes because its sterilized. The only milk you can't drink is goats milk. Xxx

What Kind Of Drinks you can drink when you are pregnant?

you can drink water, milk, juice

Can women make milk when they are not pregnant?

Well, if you actually think about it the majority of women that produce milk are not pregnant. Milk production starts after they've given birth.

Can men drink women breast milk?

Yes men can drink women's breast milk, this is totally normal and is a great source of calcium.

Can you drink unpasturised milk?

Yes you can. It is delicious. What you can't do is store it and transport it conveniently and you probably shouldn't give it to pregnant women or small children.

Is it safe to drink goats milk when pregnant?

Yes! It's very good for you! Just make sure that the milk-- any milk you drink-- has been pasteurized.

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