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A guy can wear as many maxi pads as he wants - they serve no practical function for a guy, so it's all about his wants and comfort.

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Q: Is it okay 4 a guy 2 wear maxi pads?
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Iam a guy you love 2 wear panties and kotex maxi pads are you gay?

If a guy loves to do that and then have sex with other guys, then yes, he's gay. Otherwise he's just weird.

Is it okay 4 a guy 2 wear kotex?

yes it is okay 4 a guy 2 wear panties&kotex i wear them allday so do as u want...

Can a guy wear a maxi pad?

I'm a guy and I wear maxi pads every day at home and work because after I pee I dribble and who wants pee in their pants and down their leg? So yes, it is okay if you have a right reason to. I am gay and need them because after sex I have discharge that I don't want soiling my clothing. I have sex often so basically I wear Stay free pads every day and my panties are never soiled and stay pretty. I always attach a new pad when I dress after sex, feminine gay men should know this as a fact of life. when I was young [teens] it wasn't an issue but when I was about 40 things got stretched and weren't so tight anymore so it was then that I needed something to absorb the fluids from men who loved me

Is OK for a guy to wear panties and kotex?

yes it is okay 4 a guy 2 wear kotex i weart them allday everday so go 4 it ...

Is it so wrong for a guy to wear a maxi pad?

Considering you have a penis and you dont get blood coming out of it every single pucking month no you dont pucking need you puck head sick pedophile wigga

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