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Marijuana increases your heart rate so its probably not that good for you but it couldn't be too bad, I still would if its for medical purposes.

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Q: Is it ok to smoke weed if you have a blood clot?
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Is it healthy to smoke weed out of a wooden pipe?

Yes It Is Ok/Healthy To Smoke Weed From A Wooden Pipe

You are married is it okay to smoke weed?

No just because you are married it is not ok to smoke weed. There must be health conditions along with license from the state to smoke weed.

Is it ok to smoke weed after a colopscopy exam?

dude weed effects your lungs not your bowls.

We want to have a baby but smoke weed is that ok?

No. That's how babies are born with defects!

Can you smoke weed while using zylet eye drops?

Yes it is ok.

Is it ok to smoke weed in the park on 420?

If you live in the United States you'll get arrested.

Is it a bad idea to smoke weed if you have a dentist appointment an hour later?

well 1st you shouldn't smoke weed coz that's gust gay and no coz he ain't gunna say ur teef are ok is he no! Its not gay to smoke weed. It relieves stress...

If you already have dry sockets and have medicated numbing gauze inserted is it ok to smoke?

It is likely that the smoking caused the dry sockets. The suction created when you smoke can cause the blood clot to loosen and create a dry socket. If you continue to smoke, even with the gauze in place, you may continue to have problems.

How can you get your girl pregnant if you smoke weed i smoke weed and i havent got her pregnant and we've been trying it for over a year almost two ok but without stoping smoking it?

Stop smoking it.

Is it bad to smoke weed when you are 10?

actually its ok. its would say its good for you but it doesnt harm you. althoguht if i was 10 i would not want a reputation of smoking weed...

Is it ok to swallow a blood clot from nose bleed?

yeah, its perfectly ok. you may feel a bit nauseous afterwards, but its ok

Can you second hand smoke after having surgery on your tongue its been 2 days?

yes you can because my doctor said it is ok if i smoke weed in the two days