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Well,it depends.If you two dont do anything or get to close then I guess its okay.Now if you two go all out and have sex then waay no.

If it is just the two of you in a private space then this can be a bit risky. If you are on the living room floor with a bunch of other kids, no problem. If you want to keep this as a friendship, then both of you need to have a layer or so of clothing on and don't snuggle together under the covers. Close friends or not, hormones can override common sense.

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It depends on your comfort level and boundaries with your friend. Make sure you communicate openly with each other about your intentions and expectations to avoid any misunderstandings. It's important to prioritize mutual respect and consent in any situation.

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No. It is not okay for a person to sleep naked with a friend.

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Q: Is it ok to sleep beside a close guy friend?
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