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Yes, you ccan have Tang during pregnancy.

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Q: Is it ok to have Tang during pregnancy?
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Can drinking tang with pineapple flavor create any problem during pregnancy?

Tang is absolutely fine to drink during pregnancy.

Is it OK to drink coffee during pregnancy?

Yes. It is OK to drink coffee during pregnancy. But too much of it is not OK otherwise also.

Is morphine ok to take during pregnancy?

I'm 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with the worst headache ever at shea hospital. The doc wants to give me morphine, so I hope this helps all you ladies out here expecting and in uber pain, but not quite delivering your baby yet. It would appear it is safe during pregnancy at any time according to the doctor. It will not mess with our babies vitals is what I was told. Morphine can make you feel neasia but the nurse said it may not be to bad if administered slowly in the IV line. Remember always consult you physician never self diagnose and administer any narcodic with out permission from a licensed health care service provider. You will feel heavy like a brick and your head should feel better in about 3 minutes or less. Nurse or doctor will tell you not to get out of bed due to the drugs so don't get out of bed without the assistance of the staff for your own safety. Good job Shea Hospital labor and delivory center.

Is it ok to have white discharge during 23rd week of pregnancy?

Yes this is perfectly normal hun. The white discharge may increase throughout your pregnancy and it is nothing to worry about unless you have itching, soreness, buring upon urination or a smelly discoloured discharge. If this happens then see your doctor.

Is it ok to eat hot dogs during pregnancy?


Is methylparaben ok during pregnancy?

no not good to pregnant women