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2012-07-19 20:07:18
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Q: Is it ok for kids to go on dating sites when they cant get a boyfriend?
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What are Some dating sites for kids 11?

Does Sarah hyland have kids?

No, Sarah Hyland has no kids but is dating boyfriend matt prockop.

What are some dating sites for kids?

dating sites for kids if theyre even are any are especially dangerous cause you never know what type of creeeps are out there stick to kids you know from school or other activities

What are some dating sites for kids 9 and over?

you shouldn't be dating if your nine. wait till your 16

Why cant there be online dating for kids?

It is illegal and there are people in this world who would hurt children. Sexual predators frequent dating sites. It is dangerous for adults to go into dating sites, but a kid doesn't have the experience or age to tell who is lying to them and who is dangerous. Anyone can be on line and a child doesn't know if they are on line with an adult or another child.

Are there any dating sites for kids?

yes there is and they are the only ones

Is there dating sites for kids 11 years old?

No there is not. That would be a heaven for pedophiles.

Are there gay dating sites for kids 14 and up?

I guess you can count meet me as one

Is there a 13 to 15 year old dating sites?

No there is not. Those sites don't start until you are 18 and legal. Pedophiles would be all over a dating site with kids.

How do you impress a girl when she has a boyfriend who is already married to somebody else and have kids?

you cant.. sorry

Is there any lesbian dating sites for kids under 12?

What kind of question is this? What do you think? Obviously no.

Is there any kids dating sites for free?

No, kids are not even suppose to date at all but make shure it is fine with your parents...ok

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