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Well right now people will think its weird but in the long rumn it is not much of a age diference. I think it is perfectly fine, when your in middles school it will wont be hard to get her,because most 5th grade girls think 6th grade boys aare HOT no mtter what.

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2008-10-22 19:50:14
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Q: Is it ok for a sixth grade guy to like a fifth grade girl?
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You are a seventh grade girl how you get a sixth grade boy to like you?

You pretend to be in like sixth or fifth grade. Good for you! branching out!

Can sixth grade girls like fifth grade boys?

yes they can i am in sixth grade and i like a boy in fifth grade see my school goes up to sixth grade i am really supposed to be in fifth grade i know my crush likes me and you should feel whatever you want to it is your feelings right

What will fifth grade be like?

my fifth grade year was alot like my fourth grade year but there was more responsibility and (if u start middle school in sixth grade) they prepare u for it

How do you get a fifth grade boy to like a sixth grade girl?

If the 5th grade boy is smart then maybe when he gets to 6th grade he will get into 7 extended math and hopefully the girl is in that class and then he could talk to her more often. That's what happen to me.

It is fine for a sixth grade girl to like a sixth grade boy?

Yes, It's called a crush.

How do you get a fifth grade boy to ask a fifth grade girl?

get them to become friends then after a will like 6th grade ask her out

How you get a fifth grade boy to like a fifth grade girl?

Just wait until you're in highschool

How do you get a sixth grade boy to like a fifth grade girl?

you make the girl hot -well i dont agree with the first answer. You just have to be yourself around the boy and you really cant make anyone like you. But just be yourself and if he likes the real you then he does

How can a sixth grade boy get a sixth grade girl to like him?

Find out from her friends if she likes you then if she doesn't then hang around her if you have to pick a girl for a project then be with her my boyfriend did this with me! it works. :)

How do you get an eighth grade girl to like you when you are a sixth grade boy?

there is only one answer is to be her best friend and she will like you

How do you get a fifth grade boy to like a fifth grade girl?

Be yourself, talk to them casually and then, eventually get more friendly with them and be like that for six mounths and then go out with them.

Step by step instructions on how a fifth grade boy can get a girl?

Tell the girl you like her.

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