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During the first trimester, it is usually normal.

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Q: Is it normal to throw up all the time and lose appetite while pregnant?
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When you are pregnant with month does your appetite increase?

Yes, appetite increase while you are pregnant

Is it normal to have your full period when pregnant?

No it is not normal to have your period while pregnant. I have heard of some small spotting while pregnant but if you have your full period while you think you are pregnant, you thought wrong. You would not be pregnant.

Is it normal for pregnant bulldog to leak urine?

It is sometimes normal if they have been pregnant for a while.

Is it normal to have drops of blood come out of vagina while pregnant?


Is it normal to have depression while being pregnant?

Yes, it is normal to sometimes feel depressed while pregnant due to the hormonal changes taking place at the time.

Can you still get your period while your pregnant?

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

Is it normal to have your period while you are pregnant?

Is it normal?No. It is NOT normal to have your period at this time. YES you can have a period while pregnant. Some women don't realise they are pregnant til a few months gone because they have gotten their period. Get checked out by a doctor immediately!

Could you not throw up while your pregnant and still be pregnant?

Ofcourse. Not all pregnant women get nausea, just most of them. Brand yourself lucky.

What can you eat while being pregnant so you wont throw up?

depends on the individual

Is it normal to enjoy having intercourse while people throw snooker balls at you?


Does marijuana help pregnant women regain their appetite?

No. Drug use while pregnant is a form of child abuse. Drugs will harm your baby and may cause brain damage.

Is it normal to have purple niples while being pregnant?

Yes it is normal, especially later in pregnancy.