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Yes for up to a week

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Q: Is it normal to menstruate everyday?
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Is it normal to menstruate for a month?

It is not normal to menstruate for a month. Some causes that lead to irregular patterns of menstruation include fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

When your on your period and hang out with girls does it get to them?

I'm not sure what you mean asking if it 'gets to them'. Most women menstruate, this is a normal occurrence so no reason for it to bother other women when you menstruate.

It normal for a yorkie to bleed after giving birth?

A Yorkie is a type of dog, and dogs do not menstruate. The bleeding they have is what occurs when they are in heat. The only animals that menstruate are human beings and other primates.

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yes, if you are a girl, you menstruate.

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No that seems pretty normal. If you dont get it for like two months than that would be the time to check. But right now your good. Just Chill

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Is it normal to have cervical mucus everyday and not just before your period?

Yes. You have cervical mucus everyday and it also changes everyday.

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