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No it is not normal.

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Q: Is it normal to have your period for 3weeks?
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I had miscarriage 3weeks ago and i haven see my period yet but i already making love with my husband can i fall pregnant before my period?

Yes you can fall pregnant as you will ovulate before you have a period. If you feel you are not quite ready yet to try for another baby please use contraception

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What was that period like? Was it heavier than normal, lighter than normal?

Can you be pregnant if your having cramps after period?

If you have a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant

Is it normal to have period pains when your not on your period?


Is it normal to have your period for 8 days while your on the shot?

It is normal to have your period for eight days but only if it is normal - spotting.

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Period for 3weeks with no period to follow what does that mean?

If its your first period, then you dont really know if there's anything really wrong with you. But if your period came once and hasn't come for more than a month and a half, then there might be something wrong. But dont get scared. Usually periods come around every 4 weeks. :) It's basically natural.