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Stopping Birth Control changes your hormone level, that's why the tender breasts. Unless you have had unprotected sex and are prego.

AnswerTender swollen breasts are not usually a symptom seen with stopping the pill.As stated above, it is a symptom of pregnancy however. After not ovulating due to being on the pill, it is not uncommon for women to ovulate soon after stopping the pill, so if you are having unprotected sex, get a pregnancy test. AnswerYes this does sometimes occur after stopping BCP. If your period doesn't arrive in 4 weeks, perform a HPT.
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Q: Is it normal to have swollen tender breasts after stopping birth control pills?
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What is the Normal reaction to stopping birth control?

you get pregnant

Your breasts are sore and swollen this is not a normal pms symptom for you so What is going on?

It very well could be that you are pregnant.

Is it normal to have bad cramps and sore breasts after stopping the Depo-Provera shot?

yes it can be in some women.

How do you soften women breast?

The breasts are how they are. During menstruation they can get swollen but a normal breast is never hard. If she has implant she needs to speak to her surgeon.

Swollen and tender breasts 1 week after period?

This is very normal and part of the period. Don't worry it will fade in a few days.

I have been off the birth control pill for 7 months and my breasts are getting larger. Are they going back to their normal size without estrogen and progesteron?

It's not likely to be related to stopping the pill. Either your growth wasn't complete, or you're gaining weight in you breasts. Lack of estrogen and progesterone doesn't grow breasts.

How long does it take to get pregnant after quieting birth control?

how long does it take to get back on your normal cycle after stopping birth control

Is it normal to have bleeding stop and restart after stopping birth control?

yes your body isnt regulated yet

Can stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

Yes it is normal. You may still experience symptoms on and off for upto 3 months after stopping the pill.

What happens when your breasts?

It is normal for your breasts to get larger as you grow.

What happens when your breasts grow?

It is normal for your breasts to get larger as you grow.

Is it normal to have three breasts?


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