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Yes. Breast changes are one of the first most noticeable signs of pregnancy.

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Q: Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast when your three weeks pregnant?
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Three year old have breast and discharge is that normal?

It's not exactly normal for a three year old to have breast development and discharge, but it can happen. This may be precocious puberty, you should have the child checked out by a doctor.

Currently you are pregnant three months and your breast leaking water?

I am pregnent three months and my breast leaking whenever its pressing or lying down like water no pain at all

Should one's breasts be heavy and feel big at three months pregnant?

It's possible your breasts to feel big and heavy, but not all womens breats get that way.

Is it normal for breast to leak and have three menstrual cycles in one month?

no ! you have a hormonal imbalance and should see you gyno today !

Are dairy cows always pregnant?

No. There are two or three months of every year they are not pregnant. They have to be let be this way so that they can regenerate their normal estrus cycle in order to be able to breed again. Once they have two or three normal estrus cycles, they are re-bred again.

Can you be pregnant and have a regular period and then spott a little?

yea that's normal for the first three months sweetheart

Is it normal not to have my period since giving birth to my daughter three months ago?

Breast feeding is a natural inhibitor of fertility, so if you're breast feeding you will be highly unlikely to have periods. Non-breast feeding mothers could expect to return to a fairly normal menstrual cycle about 10 weeks after giving birth but this can vary.

If you are not pregnant is it normal for breast to leak if not been around a baby?

Yes. Reasons are few though, if they leak more than a drop or two then perhaps you are undergoing an hormone imbalance, otherwise it happens to some women which should be normal and it lasts two to three days. Better yet see a doctor to be sure.

When can a woman resume her normal life after breast implants?

Typically, a woman can resume all routines, including vigorous exercise, in about three weeks

How do you get bigger breast without surgery at home?

1. You have to exercise the chest muscles. The pectoralis major and the minor muscles grow in bulk and enhance the breast, which lies in front of these chest muscles. 2. When you get fatter the breast tissue grows because it contains fat. 3. When a woman gets pregnant and especially when she is breast feeding the breast tissue grows as the breast gets fuller with milk. These are the only three ways in which breast grows naturally.

How is your last period before you become pregnant?

i say yes you can, and the reason i say this is because i had three periods while i was pregnant with my son, as well did my mom while pregnant twith me.

If you're pregnant is it normal to have diarrhoea and gas the first three weeks?

If you read the books it is never mentioned, but I had it with both my pregnancies.