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It depends where you have sharp pain. I get pains sometimes in my ligaments when they stretch, but if you have pain in other areas that may not be normal.

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Q: Is it normal to have sharp pain during pregnancy?
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Is it normal to feel occasional pain on either side of the groin during the second month of pregnancy?

Slight pain occasionally is normal, as long as it isn't sharp, if it persists call the doctor.

Is a sharp pain through my rib and when i breath normal during your 20th week of pregnancy?

While there are many normally occurring factors that may make this normal during pregnancy, you should consult your Dr to eliminate any cause for worry.

Is it normal to have abdominal pain during early stages of pregnancy?

It is never normal to have pain during pregnancy. Mild cramping and uncomfortable twinges are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are experiencing pain you should call your OB/GYN.No. It's normal to feel nausea, discomfort and an increased urge to pee. Pains are not normal and should be investigated.

Why renal pain is occurring during 30 weeks of pregnancy?

Kidney or renal pain is not a normal symptom of pregnancy and could be sign of an infection. Call your doctor!

Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts have a throbbing pain that comes and goes?

Hello, It can be yes. But a sharp pain is not a pregnancy symptom.

Is Crotch pain during pregnancy normal?

im sure it is ive read many posts about it

Is lower abdominal pain normal during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy?

It depends on the type of pain. Is it a cramping dull kind of pain like you normally have during your periods or is it a sharp kind of pain that goes on and off? If it is the latter, I suggest you check with your doctor straight away because I had that at 4 weeks for a few days and by the 7th week had miscarried.

Is it normal to have a sore perenium after sex?

I am not a doctor, just a mom. Pain there sounds absolutely typical of both pregnancy and delivery. Some women feel pain there during their entire period. I had it very sharp at the beginning of labor. The nurse said it was hormones. It hurts this week, but might be gone next week. Breast pain works that way too. congrats on your pregnancy!

Can you get cramps during 1st week of pregnancy?

its normal. tell your doctor he might give you pain medicine.

Is Left kidney pain in early pregnancy normal?

No, kidney pain is never normal in pregnancy. But kidney infections in pregnancy are fairly common. Time to call the doctor.

Is a sharp pain at the top of your belly button a sign of pregnancy?


Is it normal to have severe back pain at 9 weeks?

No. You should see your doctor for any pains or bleeding you have during pregnancy.