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it's unusual, but doesn't have to mean that there's something wrong.

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Q: Is it normal to have a period cycle of 35 to 40days?
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Is there a possibility that a woman can be pregnant and have a normal period if she had intercourse 2 days after her period and her cycle is normally 35 to 40 day?

Although strange things can happen, it would be extremely unlikely given the combination of a very long cycle length and the apparently normal period.

Can one see her period affter her 35 days cycle?

can one see her period after 35 days menstrual cycle

Is it normal to have a period every 35 days?

Depends on your personal cycle, but for the most part the average cycle is 28 day, but like I said, it depends on your personal cycle

Your cycle is between 35 to 40 days so how do you calculate your safe period?

period tracker

What if your period is over its 28-35 day cycle?

Get a pregnancy test.

Is a 35 day menstral cycle normal?

A woman's menstrual cycle does not have to be 28 days as stated in a lot of medical books. Twenty eight days is an average cycle but each individual woman may have a cycle that is different from this number. If your cycle is consistently around 35 days, then that cycle is normal for you. If you have additional questions about your menstrual cycle or if you're worried that something may be wrong, it is best to consult your doctor.

How much blood does a woman lose during her cycle?

The average blood loss during a monthly menstrual period is 35 milliliters (4 to 6 tablespoons) with 10-80 milliliters considered "normal".

Do you have your period every 28 days from the first day of your period?

You count from the start. The first day of your period is Day 1. The last day is whatever day comes the day before your next period starts. The actual number of days varies between women, or even from cycle to cycle.

Your period never comes at the same time so how will you know if you've missed it or its just late?

Normal cycles are 20-35 days apart. You will know you are pregnant when you go 50-60 days with no cycle. Joymaker rn

When you have your period on March 22 and had period on April 28 is it late?

Yes but it could be also irregular periods . periods can change to irregular periods which can have a longer cycle from 35-45 day cycles which that means you have trouble getting pregnant I got my first 35 menstrual cycle in may after Implantation bleeding

Is it normal to have a 33 day menstrual cycle?

In theory, yes - if you are menstruating regularly then it is very likely that you are ovulating and thus fertile, although there are multiple reasons why a woman with a regular ovulation/menstrual cycle may not be able to get pregnant. In some cases a woman may bleed without ovulation.

Is it normal to have your period for more than a weak?

This is normal. Every woman is different in regards to the amount of time a women's period will be complete. 7 days is just the average. Other factors to consider are age, or if you're on a birth control regimen. Teenagers can have very unpredictable cycle's for quite a while until their body matures further. Birth control regimen's, the use of and stopping the use of, can change your cycle also. Some women naturally have 3 to 5 day period cycles where some may have 9 to 10. The average full cycle is in between 21 days and 35 days.