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no. that may mean that you could probably have a vaginal infection. you should go to the doctor and revise your self.

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Q: Is it normal to have a little bit of blood come out of vagina on the next day after you had sex?
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Is it normal to have drops of blood come out of vagina while pregnant?


What does it mean when chunks of blood come out your vagina when your on you period?

That either is from a weak pelvic floor muscle, or estrogen dominance, sometimes even endometrioses. If you have that with every single period you have and the clots are quite large, you should probably see your doctor.

What hole does the blood from a period come out of?

The Vagina

What is it called when blood come's out of a female's vagina?


When should blood come out of a girls vagina?

when girls a first time sex any one that shuld be blood come out

Does you pee come out the same hole as your period blood?

Tampons go into the vagina, the whole where the menstrual flow comes out of your body. Urine comes out of the urethra, a tampon cannot be inserted into the urethra.If you do not understand basic female anatomy you should not be using tampons at all.

Where in the girl's body does the period blood come out?

Your Vagina From the vaginal orifice.

You just started getting your period but when you get it blood seems to come out your butt more is this normal?

It doesn't actually come out of your anus. The vagina is right next to the anus, so it may seem as if the blood is further back. Some of the blood may also be dripping backwards to the anal area.

Is it normal for blood come out of urethra in men?


Does period blood and implantation blood smell the same?

i would imagine so as they both come from the vagina. and it is still the wall of the vagina coming away however it is a smaller amount with implantation