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most pregnancies come with different symptoms, is normal feeling pain like in your period, however, if you

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Q: Is it normal to feel like you are going to start your period even though you are pregnant?
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If you get cramps for weeks after your period is that normal?

I'm not entirely sure where you're going with this question, but if you've had a normal period with normal flow since your last intercourse you are not pregnant.

Is it normal not to have your period for 6 months and not be pregnant?

Unless you're going through menopause, no.

Can you have your period and all the period symptoms and still be pregnant?

Its very rare but yes, my wife missed a period at one time and when she called to see her doctor he told her that she was 4 month pregnant or expecting twins, after going for a scan, it turned out she was 4 months pregnant, even though she had 3 normal periods beforehand.

For how long is it normal to have a period while pregnant?

If you are pregnant then you shouldn't be having periods, I advise that you go and visit your doctor to find out what is going wrong.

Is is normal to miss months of your period?

No its not normal, you are actually more than likely pregnant. you may want to take a pregnancy test to double check. It is only normal if you are pregnant or if you are going through menopause, other than that no it is not normal.

Could you be pregnant and have a normal period for 2 months is a row?

If you have a period while your pregnant, this may be a sign of something else going on. If your eight months pregnant, it's probably early labor. If your in your first trimester of pregnancy, then there's something else going on and you need to get to the doctor immediately.

I got your period really early and im definetly NOT pregnant is this normal?

It is not uncommon for your period to be irregular while you are going through puberty. I am sure it is nothing to worry about it.

If a female misses her period she is pregnant?

well it depends. If you have recently started your period or have only been on your period for about a few years then it is completely normal to miss your period. It will most likely happen but is also normal if it doesnt. I just means that your body isn't quite used to it yet and is eventually going to see that its a regular thing and try to keep it going as a cycle. But, if you have been on it for a while or had sex then yes, it's possible that you can be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have a milky like fluid coming from your breast but still getting period?

some women do not even know they are pregnant until they go into labor. Mainly because their hpts came up negative or because their period showed up every month as normal. Though it is not a "true period" you can infact bleed around the time your period is due and be pregnant. As far as the milky fluid, It's possible. Only going to the doctor will prove other wise.

Could you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms of being pregnant but had your period on time but it was short and heavy but this has be going on since may 2nd could you be preg?

It is rare but possible, my wife missed a period and called to the doctors, the doctor told her she was 4 month pregnant or having twins, he sent her for a scan and it turned out she was 4 month pregnant even though she had 3 normal periods. 5 month later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I started my last period on the 20th of Dec and it lasted the normal 5 days but my breasts have still been really sore.What is going on?

you are becoming pregnant. Congratulations.

What does it mean when you Miss your period for 2 months and still going through puberty is it normal?

When you are just beginning to get periods (first few years) you may miss a few. It is completely normal. The only other thing is, if you miss periods, you could be pregnant (if you have had sex obviously!) If you havent, its normal