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Unscheduled bleeding is common in the first three months of starting the Birth Control pill. If it goes on longer than that or is troublesome, contact your health care provider to discuss a possible pill change.

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Q: Is it normal to bleed when you start birth control?
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If you stop taking your birth control pill then start bleeding can you still get pregnant?

The bleeding is the withdrawal bleed and is normal. This occurs when you stop taking birth control for over a few days. You can become pregnant.

Is it normal to have a period 2 weeks after giving birth?

It is very normal for you to bleed after birth. Usually the only time you won't right away is if you are breast feeding. Once you start to bleed you are likely to bleed for 4-6 weeks straight.

Is it normal to bleed more than seven days while on the Yaz birth control pill?

Yes it can be normal. But if it lasts more than that I suggest going to a doctor. Some women bleed more when they first start the pill. But then after taking it for a few months their period gets lighter.

Is it normal to get your period twice a month when you first start taking birth control?

Yes birth control changes your cycle causing your body to have to adjust to the birth control after a few weeks it should become a normal schedule.

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

Is it normal for your discharge to change when you start on birth control?

go here:

What do you do to stop vaginal bleeding due to overdose of birth control pills?

Nothing. You just need to let it bleed. Once you start to shed the lining of your uterus, you will continue to bleed until it is gone.

How long after getting off birth control does it take to start your period?

You will experience a withdrawal bleed first and your period will arrive 4+weeks after this.

Is it normal to get a ton of headaces when you first start taking birth control?

sure it is ! When I was pregnant I have the same headaces and i told my doctor and he told me it is normal!

Is it normal not to start you're period on the pill jazz?

It is normal for many women not to have monthly breakthrough bleeding while taking Birth Control Pills.

Can antibiotics make you bleed before it is time for you to start?

I think it can becouse I do bleed when taking antibiotics. I am not sure if it is normal or not.

Your period ended today so when can you start birth control?

You can start your birth control the Sunday after your period.