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i need help,

i saw my step dad wanking the other day in my room and i couldnt stop watching so i started masturbating myself,and now i cant stop. I steal his underwear to smell them and lick his dirty ones, and now i cant stop looking at him,he always winks at me and then i queef,i cant stop its so annoying me,what should i do?

help me please :(


It is not necessarily abnormal but it needs to be controlled and eventually it will pass. You need to consider your mothers feelings in this. She will be the one who is very hurt if you let this go any further. She will find out. It is just too hard to hide when you all live together. It sounds like your step dad is also having his issues with this so please...think of your mothers feelings and stop this.

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Q: Is it normal to be sexually attracted to your step dad?
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