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Yes, by weeks six to seven there is a large bulge where the heart is and a bump for the head because the brain is developing. The heart begins to beat and can be seen beating on an ultrasound scan.

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Q: Is it normal not to hear a baby's heart beat at nine weeks?
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I am 7 weeks pregnant and my baby's heart beat is only 86 is that normal?

A normal heart beat is suppose to be from 120-180 around that time. When i go to the doctors my babys heart beat was always about 150. I would ask you're doctor sweetey! Good luck

What all will be checked in an ultra scan while pregnancy of 7 weeks?

the babys development and the babys heart beat

If babys heartbeat is 129 how many wks pregnant?

My baby's heart beat is also 129 and I'm 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant

Why would baby's heart beat be 177 at 38 weeks?

yess my babies heartbeat was 176 at my first ultrasound. It slows down the farther along you get until its ready to beat on its own without your help after you have the baby.

What does it mean if a baby's heartbeat is 183 at 8 12 weeks?

hi im catie and 10 weeks pregnant now i had a ultra sound when i was eight weeks the heart beat was 170 the nurse said that was good ive had friends whos babys heart rate been 163 and im pritty sure thers a wide range for a good heart rate! good luck

Is it normal to be 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding and there is no heart beat?


Can you feel a heart beat at 8 weeks?

You will not be able to feel a heart beat, but a heart beat can be detected. Usually at around 5 weeks a heart beat can be heard.

When can you list to your babys heart beat on a Doppler at my doctors office?

Every Dr is different. They normally begin looking for it around 10 weeks of pregnancy but my not be able to hear it until around 12 weeks.

Heart beat rate at 8 weeks is only 124 is this normal or is there a problem?

This heart rate is a good amount. A normal heart rate at this stage of pregnancy should be between 120 and 180.

What is the thing that is used to hear a babys heart beat?

it's called a dopler

What is heart rate of foetus 7 weeks and 3 days?

A normal heartbeat of a fetus at 6-7 weeks would be 90-110 beats per minute.

When does a baby inside the whom have a heart beat?

6 weeks into the pregnancy ( 4 weeks after conception)