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it is totally normal!im 13 and i started when i was 11 and i missed 5 months it is just happening because your body is under alot of pressure and your cycle isn't used to going every month, wait it out. i was on Birth Control for hormone inbalance and i had a period continually for 4 months. we though i had cancer but i would out that its normal it just isn't used to all these new changes. hope this helps.

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Q: Is it normal if a 12 year old girl misses her period for two months?
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Is it normal if a 12 year old girl misses her period for two or more months?

As long as you're not sexually active and have recently started to have periods it is not uncommon for them to be irregular. If you're worried talk to your mum or gp

Is it normal for a girl to have discharge for 6 months and no period?

It is possible if you have not started your period yet, you may be fixing to start soon.

Is it possible for a girl to miss her period?

Ofcourse,and if she misses a period this doesn't mean that she's pregnant.

Is it a problem if a girl only has her period every few months?

No it is fine to only get your period every few months. It is normal everybody is different it depends on your genes. If you have a problem you should go see your doctor but any other way it's NORMAL.

Can a girl be pregnant for ten months?

No, the normal gestation period is nine months (40 weeks) and medical intervention would be made after around 42 weeks.

Is it normal for a twelve year old girl to have her period a week early for about two months early?

Yes that's finee

What if a girl misses her period and the pregnancy test is negative?

You don't always have your period. Just because you don't doesn't mean you're pregnant.

Is it normal for a girl to text her boyfriend until midnight?

Did you ever consider that the girl misses her boyfriend, so she wants to talk to him until she sleeps if he's not there with her? Yes, it's somewhat normal.

What happens if a girl miss her pie rd?

Not sure what a pie rd is...but if she misses her period, it probably means she's pregnant.

Would an unmarried girl be called miss or misses?

One unmarried girl is Miss. Two unmarried girls are Misses.

Is having a fever normal for a girl starting her period?


Is it normal for a teenage girl to stop her period for a couple months and not be pregnant?

No. If there is no chance of pregnancy, then it could be a sign of a problem involving hormones, weight, or stress levels and should be checked out by a doctor.