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Yes, it's normal for your period to be clumpy and thick. Your period isn't just blood but also uterine cells, uterine tissue, discharge, and mucus, so on heavier days when there is more tissue present it will look thicker and mucus can also thicken up flow too. As long as you're using correct menstrual products to deal with it you're fine, and as long as there is no bad odour everything is healthy.

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Q: Is it normal for your period to be clumpy thick and dark?
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Can spotting or period be dark brown?

Yes it can. The Vagina is cleaning itself out and old blood gets brown and sometimes even clumpy. It is perfectly normal and you don't need to worry.

What happens when you burn chocolate?

It scorches, and turns very dark in color and becomes clumpy.

What does it mean when you start your period weeks early and its dark brown?

It is perfectly normal to start your period weeks early and its dark brown. You mostly start with dark brown when you start your period and it turns red.

What does it mean when car oil is dark and thick?

It is dark and thick

What does really light spotting but dark and thick blood mean if you have irregular periods?

Hello - This bleeding could be due to pregnancy or due to irregular period bleeding. See your doctor hun for a blood test. dark thick blood just means you have a bunch of hemoglobin in it.. Hemoglobin is the stuff that slowes the flow in your blood when you get a cut. A light period for irregular period women seems pretty normal.. if you have light cycles you could have a estrogen deficiancy.. I would see your doctor if you are trying to get pregnant and have not yet.

Dark blood in the millde of your period?

The blood from your period should be dark, not bright, red because it is "old" blood that the uterus sheds. It is also normal to see clots or lumps of blood during your period.

You had dark brown period in the beginiing of your period?

It's just the body getting used to having them

Is it normal to have very dark brown blood when you have your period because yesterday mine was rusty red now its dark brown?

Yes it is possible to have blood this colour.

What does it mean if you have Very light period and now spotting thick dark blood?

in most cases that means your pregnant. in others it could be a hormonal imbalance that causes your period to be shorter and sometimes have clumps.

My period usually last about a week every month with a normal flow but last month it lasted for about four days and was a dark brownish color is that normal?

NO. That is unusual.

Is period blood thick and sometimes brown?

yes it is normal to have a brownish red thick blood but if it continues then you should go see a doctor yes it is normal to have a brownish red thick blood but if it continues then you should go see a doctor

What does it mean if you have dark red thick blood clots on your period?

It's unlikely that what you are seeing are blood clots as menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood. What you're seeing is likely the larger pieces of the uterine lining, which is the main waste product during menstruation.