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February being a short month should have nothing to do with your period start date. So if your period starts late in March, it is not as a result of how many days are in February. Your period should come when it is due; if it is later than usual, you might want to take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor.

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Q: Is it normal for you period to start late in march because of February being a short month?
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People say I won't get my period in 4 years because I am to sporty and short is it true?

Being sporty does not affect your period etc, and neither does being short. It is normal to get your first period between ages 9-16, so height does not affect your period, and being sporty does not affect your period.

Could your period be late due to February being a short month?


Is there a possibity that you could be pregnant if you spotted a coupel of days before your normal period starts?

If you got your normal period, then the chances of you being pregnant are very low. The spotting is probably just because you were ovulating (releasing an egg) which happens before your period. Many women spot then

Is it normal to be 13 and still not have your period yet?

Yes, it is well within the range of being considered normal.

Can you have a miscarriage while being on your period?

No because if you are on your period you are not pregnant.

How high is the risk of being pregnan a week after my period?

That's still normal.

What is the normal life period of human being?

around 76 years old

Can being on heavy painkillers cause you to miss your period?

No, I've had heavypain killers to stop my period pains but they've been normal to me...

Is it possible to have a period while pregnant?

No, but during early stages of being pregnant you can get bleeding which seems like a normal period. This is common.

Im on my period and my lower stomach hurts and im kinda bloated and you had protected sex like about a month ago are there any high chances of you being pregnant or is it just you being paranoid?

If you are on your period and it lasts for the normal amount of days and with the normal flow that you usually have, you are more than likely not pregnant. You do not have a period while you are pregnant. Spot bleeding may occur during pregnancy but it is usually not a flow like a normal period and will not occur at the same time and last the same amount of days as a normal period.

Is it possible to be pregnant and get your period after sex while being on your period?

No you really shouldn't be having your period while pregnant and the second part would be normal if you weren't pregnant.

You were 6 days late and you have just started your period can you be pregnant?

I doubt it. Being late for your period is actually quite normal. Getting your period to soon is also quite normal. There has never been a single time in my entire life that I could pinpoint when I was going to get my period. I have even got my period twice in the same month. Now that's a bummer. Talk to a doctor and get regular exams so this way you & the doctor can figure out what your personal normal & abnormals are because every one is different. No two woman are alike.