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It depends on how often, and well, they've been cleaned. If it has been cleaned poorly there may be a kind of crusty stuff. that may cause discomfort while removing piercings.

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Q: Is it normal for ear piercings to hurt when first changing them?
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Do dermal piercings hurt?

Yes. All piercings hurt to some degree

What piercing does not hurt?

All piercings hurt.

Which hurts more ear piercings or belly button?

It really depends on where your getting the ear piercing. Tragus, industrial or uncommon ear piercings hurt more then the belly button. If were talking normal lobe piercings, belly hurts more :)

How much do piercings hurt?

If you are getting a ear piercing it doesn't hurt at all but other kinds of piercings non your body hurt depending on where you get them!

Does side labret piercings hurt when you get it done?

All piercings hurt to some degree. It all depends on your pain tolerance.

Do lower back dimple piercings hurt?

All piercings hurt, there is always discomfort with any piercing and lower back dimple piercings are subject to rejections and infection more than any other piercings.

Does a corset piercings hurt?

Yes, it hurts more than most piercings do.

Do tongue web piercings hurt?


Do Ashley piercings hurt?


Do lower back piercings hurt?

That's a bit of a silly question, all piercings hurt, but if you really want it, it isn't that painfull.

Does ears pierced hurt at age 11?

All piercings hurt to some extent. It really depends on the persons pain tolerance not really their age. For me, ear piercings are the most quick and painless piercings.

Do navel piercings hurt more before or after?

The only time navel piercings really hurt is when you have the needle going through you. After that unless you bump it on things or it gets infected, it shouldn't hurt.