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While not all women get crampy pains in their lower abdomen in early pregnancy, many do. If the pains are more severe than menstrual cramps or there is any bleeding with the pain you should call your health care provider.

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Q: Is it normal for a woman to have pains in her lower belly at 6 or 7 weeks into pregnancy?
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Are sharp lower right abdomen pains normal in a early pregnancy?

You should consult your doctor it might be perfectly normal or could be a problem indicating eptopic pregnancy

Are lower back pains normal when you are on your period?

Is it normal for a female to have lower back pains when they are on there menstural cycle?

What pains are normal in pregnancy in the first few weeks?

Feels like growing pains

If you are having lower back pains watery discharge butterflies are you pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy are absent period and positive pregnancy test. Watery discharge, butterflies, and lower back pains are not signs of pregnancy.

What can cause sharp pains in the lower body following sex?

Which part of the lower body?; the legs or the back or the belly? it could be a number of things. if a person is having sharp pains after sex, that person should immediately go to the emergency room or to the doctor.

Is it normal for a girl to have belly pains after sex for the first time?

If you're using the term "belly pains" I'm guessing you're too young to have sex in the first place.

Are back pains and chest pains normal during the first three weeks of pregnancy?

no, see your doctor

How do you overcome pregnancy pains?

As long as the pains are normal and not too severe you can take a pregnancy-safe painkiller, such as Tylenol, but NOT aspirin or Advil. Severe pains are a reason to call your doctor immediately.

Could frequent headaches lower back pains and lose of energy be signs of pregnancy?

headaches are not a sign of pregnancy.

Does it mean that you are pregnant if you have pinching pains in your vagina 8 DPO?

Not a normal sign of pregnancy.

What are some not normal pregnancy symptoms?

Heavy bleedn n sharp hard pains

Im 46 and you keep going dizzy and im having a lot of niggly pains inmy belly can you be pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test