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a white Christmas the white in a white christmas stands for snow usually it doesent snow around easter because that's around the start of spring christmas on the other hand is in the middle of winter which is more prone to snow

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Q: Is it more common to have a White Christmas or a white Easter?
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What do Germany and England have in common at Christmas?

santa wears red and white in england and in germany it is green and white

What color is an Easter lily?

Color of Easter LiliesEaster Lilies can come in a large variation of colors, but the most common color seen at Easter is white.

Pennsylvania Germans believe a White Christmas indicated what color of Easter?


Why is white appropriate for Easter andchristmas in the catholic liturgical calendar?

White is worn as a sign of joy. Easter and Christmas are the most joyous of holy days: Jesus resurrection and birth.

When do priests wear gold vestments?

Although many will wear white, gold vestments can be worn during Christmas and Easter seasons.

What feast according color white?

Easter,Christmas,Mary,angels,saints who are not Martyrs.

What are the most common types of Christmas tree?

Pine Trees or just fake Christmas trees you buy from the store.

What color of Christmas lights can be used for Halloween decorations?

White lights go with any holiday. Halloween, Easter, Christmas; it is all dependent upon how the lights are used. White lights make great outlines for lawn ornaments.

What colour do priests wear on Easter in Church?

The priest wears white vestments on Easter Sunday, and on all Sundays and weekdays of the Easter season. The white vestments signify resurrection and are also used for masses of the dead, saints' feast days, and other feasts of Our Blessed Lord. Gold may always be substituted for white on special feasts like Easter.

What color is the Easter rabbit?

The Easter rabbit is white.

What colour vests do priests wear during the parts of the liturgical year?

Advent- Violet Christmas- White Ordinary time- Green Lent- Violet(rose on 3rd day) Paschal Tridium- White (Holy Thursday), Red (Good Friday), Violet (Holy Saturday), and White (Easter Vigil) Easter- White or Gold Ordinary Time - Green

When will White Christmas be on TV in southern Ca?

White Christmas on tv