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no, unless an infraction (foul) has occured, the air hockey puck must remain hands free at all times. - Chow

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Q: Is it legal to stop the puck in air hockey?
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What game the puck is used?

a puck

In what sport would you use a puck?

air hockey

How much does an air hockey puck weigh?


How do you make a air hockey puck go faster?

Spit on it.

What is gloving the puck in hockey?

Simply catching the puck while it is in mid-air, not to be confused with freezing the puck which is causing a whistle by covering the puck with your hand.

What are the things you hit the puck with in air hockey?

you need 2 sticks and then you have to hit it in the other players goal. (it is a 2 player game)

How does gravity influence the movements in air hockey?

Gravity keeps the puck near the table.

Air Hockey - Do you get the score when opponent accidentally hits in the puck in their goal?

yes you get the goal

An air hockey puck bouncing off the sides of the table is an example of projectile motion?


Where does air hockey have air resistance?

yes, it just has less friction across the table from the air pushing up on the puck through the holes.

What is the inertia of ice hockey?

Inertia can either have to do with the movement of the player or movement of the puck. When someone makes a pass through the air, the puck will only stop because of the player's stick or because it hits the boards. ***If someone were to shoot a puck in zero-gravity, the puck would continue to move for eternity because there is nothing to stop it. When the player is moving, they will only stop moving because they stopped (either because of the ice or because they physically stopped) or because, like the puck, they hit the boards. Also like the puck, if someone were skating in zero gravity, they would continue to move for eternity because there is nothing to stop them.Hope this helped

How does inertia affect the motion of a hockey puck?

If a puck is placed on the ice so that it isn't moving it will stay where it is placed. That's inertia.If a player whacks the puck straight for the net and no other player gets in the way then the puck will go into the net. The only thing that could slow the puck would be the tiny friction between the ice and the puck but that doesn't amount to much. The air turbulence around a puck must have a slight effect too. But the overall straight line trajectory of the puck is inertia too.In ordinary life, things 'at rest stay at rest' and things that are moving move in straight lines unless additional forces act on those things.