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yes it is legal to smoke cigarettes and weed

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Q: Is it legal for a 16 year old to smoke cigarettes in Michigan?
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Is it legal for a fourteen year old to smoke cigarettes?

no in aus you must be sixteen to smoke and eighteen to buy stupid huh

About how many people smoke cigarettes in the US?

Each year people smoke about 3 million or more cigarettes in the US.

How many cigarettes does a person smoke in one year?

It depends on the person and how much they smoke on average each week. However, if a person was to smoke a pack each week, assuming each pack holds 20 cigarettes (which most do), they would smoke approximately 1,040 a year. If they were to smoke a pack a day, with 20 per pack they would smoke 7,300 cigarettes each year.

How many cigarettes should a 18 year old smoke in a week?

As cigarettes have been linked with several cancers, heart disease and many other serious conditions ideally an 18 year old should smoke no cigarettes a week.

What age is it legal to smoke in Michigan?

First of all, you must be 18 you legally smoke cigarettes in Michigan. There is also a law passed last year that prohibits smoking indoors in businesses. There was alot of controversy over this, especially the popular local bars that disagreed with the law. Hope this covered what you were asking. For more specific information check this Michigan Criminal Attorneys website. You can find alot of info on just about every law in Michigan.

How many cigarettes do people smoke per day?

There are 20 cigarettes in a pack. A heavy smoker will smoke 2.5 packs (50 cigarettes) or more per day. Others smoke 1-2 packs (20-40 cigarettes), and light smokers up to a pack.

Can a 14 year old get into any legal trouble for smoking a cigarette?

No. It's only illegal for people under 18 to PURCHASE cigarettes, but it's not illegal to SMOKE a cigarette.

Can you buy cigarettes at 16?

No, the legal age to buy cigarettes is 18. But however if you look 18 or above you can get away with it if you are 16, i once saw someone who only looked about 13 get served cigarettes

How much does the average smoker smoke a year?

The average smoker would most likely smoke close to a pack a day which would result in 365 packs per year X20 cigarettes per pack = 7,300 cigarettes per year.

How many cigarettes does Criss Angel smoke in a year?

Criss Angel doesnt smoke, however he does sometimes use them for effect

How much would it cost if you bought cigarettes for one year?

It depends on how much you smoke.

What is the percent of americans that smoke cigarettes?

1 in 5 American People smoke, that is 22.3 % of American Men smoke, and 17.4% of women smoke and every year there are 443,000 people die a year from Smoking in America.