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It is illegal to smoke cigarettes until the age of 18. At 16 the body is still developing and it is extremely to inhale the toxins that are in cigarettes. Having somebody else buy the cigarettes for you is illegal as well.

Added: To answer your actual question, many minors smoke illegally.

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Q: How does a 16 year old smoke without being able to get hold of a cigarette legally?
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The Green Smoke cigarette is better than real cigarette, it has no tar in it but does have nicotine.

How smoke is released from cigarette?

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'Side stream smoke' refers to smoke that is not inhaled through, say, a cigarette. It is unfiltered and therefore contains higher levels of toxins that cigarette filters remove. It burns from the END of the cigarette into the surrounding environment and can be inhaled by those nearby, the nearest of course being the smoker themselves.

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